Herringbone Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Herringbone engineered hardwood: Engineered hardwood material is used in this flooring project, which is known as Herringbone model. The location of this project is in Ontario, Canada and it was done by GTA Masters team with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


Ontario, Canada

Project Year


Project Head

Mehdi Gh

About gta masters team

At GTA Master, our dedication lies in delivering outstanding service, skillful workmanship, and utmost customer contentment. We acknowledge the significance of your residence and employ precise attention to guarantee impeccable execution of your endeavor. Our group of adept experts utilizes top-quality materials to accomplish lasting elegance. Having accumulated fifteen years of expertise in the field, we have refined our ability to notice intricacies, providing you with full assurance that your project will surpass anticipated outcomes. You can also contact us to order Herringbone engineered hardwood project for your home.

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