Installation of engineered flooring for a luxury home

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The installation of engineered flooring that you can see in the project images above was done in 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. This project was one of the luxury projects that was selected at the request of the White Oak customer and the flooring was installed throughout the house. You can see the quality and beauty of this work. Your home can also be more beautiful! Just contact us here and benefit from our team’s free consultation.


Toronto, Ontario

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Project Head

Mehdi Gh

about gta masters

Engineered flooring installation is one of the most frequent projects of our team. If you have just moved into a new home, we recommend that you set aside a budget to replace your flooring. Also, if you have been living in your house for a long time and you have not changed your home decoration, we recommend you to change the flooring and stairs. Replacing the floor not only adds to the beauty of the house, but also to its longevity. The advantages of installation of engineered flooring are:

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