Installing engineered hardwood flooring throughout the home

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Installing engineered hardwood flooring in Ontario has gained a lot of attention in recent years. This flooring has many designs and colors. This flooring can be installed in red oak, white oak and maple colors and in herringbone and chevron designs. You can also contact us here to give you a free consultation. The project you are viewing was engineered hardwood flooring throughout the home and stairs that was completed in 2022 in Markham.


Markham, Ontario

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Project Head

Mehdi Gh


GTA Masters diligently carries out the installation of hardwood floors utilizing high-quality materials and experienced technicians. The process of floor buffing and recoating proves to be a viable remedy for minor imperfections in wood flooring, albeit inadequate for significant damages. In the renovation of stairs, individuals are presented with two primary alternatives: embarking on new construction or opting for refinishing. All these items are the main services of our team in Toronto and all over Ontario and are provided in the shortest possible time.

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